TEIA (parallaxes of the imaginary) is a visual poetry, metaphor of paths that cross, permeate, transform. The show narrates the most profound journey of Cia Nós No Bambu, which surprises with its innovative poetics in bamboo sculptures, mixing circus, theatre and dance. TEIA is a oneiric testimony about life, in which the spectator's gaze is enveloped by alternative, interchangeable realities, drawn by their imagination and affection.


The narrative of the show proposes a journey, where the creative performers express themselves through the web of life. This web is constructed with the parallaxes of the imaginary, which represent the alternate movements of thought. The charm of this journey through the web is precisely to let oneself be carried away by the oneiric universes reached through the bamboo sculptures. And to get lost in these imaginary paths of the infinite possibilities of parallaxes.

The show is the result of two years of research in two main areas: bamboo sculptures and the artistic and technical improvement of its creative performers. The montage counted with renowned international and national artists. The web that Cia Nós No Bambu wove into this show was a significant step in the challenging construction of original poetics, aesthetics and technique, inspired by the relationship with bamboo. This project was made possible by the Petrobras Cultural Maintenance of Circus Companies public sponsorship.

Debut year: 2013


Creative interpreters: Ana Flávia Almeida, Beatrice Martins, Nara Faria, Poema Mühlenberg and Roberta Martins
Artistic direction and choreography: Roberto Magro
Dramaturgy: Creative Interpreters and Roberto Magro
Choreographic material: Diogo Dolabella, Elodie Doñaque, Jorge Allue, Peter Jasko and Roberto Olivan
Musical direction and original soundtrack: Laurent Delforge
Creative musicians: Laurent Delforge, George Lacerda, Pedro Martins, Ocelo Mendonça and Andrea dos Santos
Cenografia in bamboo: Marcelo Rio Branco and Jozimar Marinho
Cenotechnical Consultant: Daniel Lacourt
Technical research in bamboo apparatus: Carlos Marin and Vitor Marçal
Cenotechnical: Jackson Prado and Jozimar Marinho
Rigger: Jackson Prado
Research orientation in the Bamboo Integral System: Marcelo Rio Branco
Pilates and Stretching teacher: Lina Frazão
Physical trainer and artistic gymnastics coach: Carlos Augusto Bezerra
Physiotherapist: Daniel Avelar/ Instituto Totum
Guest dance teacher: Marcia Duarte
Light design and operation: Higor Filipe
Costume: Maria Carmen
Costume execution: Ester Ponte
Aromatic design: Shirley Lopes
Visual identity: Welder Rodrigues
Visual programming: Renata Fontenelle
Publicity photograph: Daniel Lavenère
Director of circulation: Willian Lopes
Assayer: Lina Frazão
Project preparation: Liane Mühlenberg, Nara Faria and Poema Mühlenberg
Production Direction: Poema Mühlenberg
Music Production: Jenny Choe and Francisco Peçanha
Consultant in the mastery of bamboo: Lúcio Ventania
Strategic Consultant: Junior Perim
Communication Advisory: Anamaria Mühlenberg
Communication Assistant: Ricardo Caldeira
Production Assistant: Nara Faria
Base Production: Ricardo Caldeira and Stela Furtado (trainee)
Stage electrician: Adílio Ferreira de Souza
Maintenance support: Adão Francisco da Conceição and Maria Oneide Alves da Costa
Circulation Production: Giral Sociocultural Projects
Executive Production and Fundraising: Liane Mühlenberg
Realization: IPAM - Instituto de Pesquisa Ação e Mobilização


Pictures & Videos

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Espetáculo TEIA (paralaxes do imaginário) Foto: Humberto Araújo

Espetáculo TEIA (paralaxes do imaginário) Foto: Daniel Lavenere

Espetáculo TEIA (paralaxes do imaginário) Foto: Daniel Lavenere

Espetáculo TEIA (paralaxes do imaginário) Foto: Humberto Araújo