A human body and a bamboo are enough.
From the minimalist encounter between a hollow bamboo and a body covered with the artist's experiences, a profusion of images and meanings invade the public imagination. In a void, an illustrated dramaturgy unfolds through poetry, body, vegetable, gesture, gaze, sound and light.

Content rating: 14 years of age




Cia Nós No Bambu, known for its unique aesthetics and poetics, the acrobatic dance on bamboo handcrafted instruments, brings to the stage the first solo show of its co-founder, the multi-artist Poema Mühlenberg. The Vid Is Full of Stuff is an affective and visceral synthesis of the relationship developed by Poema during her 17 years of learning, research and creations in bamboo body art.

Premiere year: 2018


Conception: Poema Mühlenberg
Creative Interpreter: Poema Mühlenberg
Direction: Edson Beserra
Choreography: Edson Beserra and Poema Mühlenberg
Choreographic Collaboration: Ana Flávia Almeida
Scenography and Bamboocraft: Poema Mühlenberg
Rigging - Project and Execution: Daniel Lacourt
Handmade Rope Making: Daniel Lacourt
Soundtrack/ Music direction: Samuel Mota
Recorded and Mastered in: Zarabatana Records by Samuel Mota
Voices: Camila Becker
Instrumentation: Samuel Mota
Technical Direction and Light Design: Emmanuel Queiroz - Trupe do Cerrado
Costume: Poema Mühlenberg
Seamstress: Ester Ponte
Collaboration as Scenography technician and Rigger: Jackson Prado
Audiovisual: Caetano Maia
Photo: Diego Bresani
Visual Programming: Daniel Grilo
Communication Coordination / Press Office: Anamaria Mühlenberg
Body Preparation: Practice Movement - Rodrigo Salulima, Fábio Henrique Mesquita and Vinícius Gesteira
Project development: Liane Maria Mühlenberg and Giseli Tressi
Circulation Production: Giseli Tressi
Executive Production: Anamaria Mühlenberg
Production: Galpão Bambu - creation space
Realization: Cia Nós No Bambu

Pictures & Videos

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Espetáculo O Vazio É Cheio de Coisa. Foto: Diego Bresani

Espetáculo O Vazio É Cheio de Coisa. Foto: Diego Bresani

Espetáculo O Vazio É Cheio de Coisa. Foto: Diego Bresani

Espetáculo O Vazio É Cheio de Coisa. Foto: Diego Bresani