A pilgrim and her bamboo tripod. Intimacy, complicity and affection between object and artist. Fellow travelers on unknown seas. In the journey of perception, the relationship between the two is transmuted into myriads of symbolic meanings. The expression of the innovative bamboo body art added to capoeira, a new ingredient amalgamated with poetry in movement.

Content rating: Free for all ages.




CAPOESIA is a solo act with Poema Mühlenberg, who is co-founder, creative interpreter and producer of Cia Nós No Bambu. The short scene is 16 minutes long, in which Poema expresses the state of the art of her authorial research of acrobatic dance with the artisan instrument Tripod of Bamboo. To compose the choreography of CAPOESIA, Poema gathered and developed an unpublished repertoire of acrobatic dance in bamboo handcrafted sculptures, elements of contemporary dance collected in her experiences with various teachers and artists and references of the Capoeira gesture. His initiation and research in Capoeira took place at Nestor Capoeira School (Rio de Janeiro) with the master and his counter-master, Bonezinho (also actor Raphael Logam).

Premiere year: 2017



Artistic Direction: Fernando Villar
Creative Interpreter: Poema Mühlenberg
Choreographic Composition: Poema Mühlenberg and Fernando Villar
Choreographic Collaboration: Ana Flávia Almeida, Raphael Logam and Victor Abrão
Dramaturgy: Fernando Villar and Poema Mühlenberg
Directors Assistant: Igor Staveland
Scenography (original design of the acrobatic instrument): Marcelo Rio Branco
Set design security system: Vitor Marçal

Scenotechny: Flávia Santana, Jackson Prado, Jozimar Marinho and Poema Mühlenberg
Musical Direction / Original Soundtrack / Musician: Samuel Mota
Voice in Capoesia: Poema Mühlenberg
Recording, Mixing and Mastering: Samuel Mota / Zarabatana Records
Lighting: Emmanuel Queiroz/ Trupe do Cerrado
Costume Design: Maria Carmen
Seamstress: Ester Ponte
Light Operator: Emmanuel Queiroz
Visual Identity: Poema Mühlenberg
Disclosure Photograph: Lelê Tótoli
Audiovisual Production: Alessandra Tótoli
Press Office and Financial Management: Anamaria Mühlenberg
Disclosure: Liane Mühlenberg
Rehearsal Space Maintenance: Joana Darc do Nascimento
Production Direction: Poema Mühlenberg
Executive Producer: Liane Mühlenberg
Chancel: Integral Bambu
Co-production: Galpão Bambu - creation space
Realization: Institute for Research, Action and Mobilization - IPAM
Sponsorship: Funarte Carequinha Circus Incentive Award and
Fundo de Apoio à Cultura - FAC/ Secretariat of Culture of the Federal District Government

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Estréia em 2017 no Festival Marco Zero. Fotos Humberto Araújo